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How to Run Full Funnel Video Ad Campaigns

Posted by Robert Helstrom on Jan 27, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Video advertising covers the full funnel - awareness, consideration and intentIt’s never been easier to reach your target audience in every phase of the consumer journey.

Advertising pros know that certain media are more suited to different parts of the purchase funnel. For example, TV has traditionally been the go-to ad medium for creating top of the funnel awareness.

The middle of the funnel comprises the consideration phase. It’s where prospective customers are moving toward purchase, recognizing product names and options. Advertisers will often use retargeting and social media to maintain familiarity and ensure their products are in people’s “consideration sets” when purchase triggers occur.

At the bottom of the funnel, advertisers often use online search campaigns (i.e., PPC or SEM) to reach in-market targets with appeals and offers designed to increase favorability of their products—and ultimately, purchase intent.

Programmatic video advertising is one medium that allows you to target prospects and potential repeat customers in all phases of the purchase funnel.

Several months ago, we posted an article called The Full Funnel Solution that spoke to video’s ability to target all parts of the funnel. Now let’s look at further evidence for those claims.

YouTube ads drive awareness, consideration and purchase intent

Full Funnel YouTube TrueView video advertising Awareness

  • As expected, a study from April 2015 showed that 65% of YouTube ads saw an increase in brand awareness for people who were exposed to the ads.

But how about the rest of the funnel? A recent six-month brand lift survey covering hundreds of campaigns across different categories found that YouTube TrueView ads generate exceptional impact in the middle and bottom of the funnel:


  • 57% of campaigns showed lift among people exposed to TrueView ads (i.e., partial views)
  • 76% of campaigns showed lift among people who watched complete ads or 30 seconds (i.e., completed views)


  • 35% of campaigns showed lift among people exposed to TrueView ads (i.e., partial views)
  • 61% of campaigns showed lift among people who watched complete ads or 30 seconds (i.e., completed views)

The power of full-funnel video advertising

Optimize_Quote.pngWhile video advertising makes it easier than ever to target the full funnel, keep in mind these operational caveats:

  1. Building, managing and optimizing full-funnel campaigns is complex, resource-intensive and nearly impossible to scale, which is why it’s best to use automated technology like our TargetView™ platform to run them.
  2. It requires premium video ad inventory where the publisher has enabled robust, granular targeting. YouTube TrueView is a prime example.

There are more than 100,000 audience segmentation choices for building YouTube TrueView campaigns. Demographics, Content Topics and Interests alone account for more than 76 million targeting permutations, so it’s critical to combine segment criteria intelligently for each phase of the purchase funnel—and then optimize for view-based metrics to maximize lift throughout the funnel. 

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