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Mobile Video is Growing Faster Than You Think

Posted by Robert Helstrom on Oct 20, 2016 3:14:13 PM


According to Zenith’s Online Video Forecasts Report, consumers average 19.7 minutes of daily time spent viewing videos on mobile devices. This is considerable, as it is a jump of 39% from 14.2 minutes the previous year.

However, 19.7 minutes is very finite when you consider that, according to the 2016 Media Health Report from Integral Ad Science, the OpenRTB viewable video ad impressions average is only 40%. Integral Ad Science’s 2015 report found fraudulent views to be up 25%.

Taken together, these data snippets repeat to us some things we already know: mobile is very significant, but getting video ads seen by the audiences you want to view them on mobile devices can be very challenging.

Through being as personalized as possible, you can enhance the performance of mobile video ads. Here are some best practices for mobile video advertising you can implement today:

  1. Go Local.Version your creative for the moment – and the place – the viewer is watching.
  2. Mind Your Messaging.What you say in the moment matters. Make sure the correct message is reaching the viewer at whatever point they’re in during their customer journey.
  3. Mindfully Establish Targets.Create profiles that draw upon search history, viewing history, psychographics, demographics, and any other component important to your campaign.
  4. Accept Nothing Less Than Success.Ensure transparency for your campaign metrics by going beyond the basics. For example, at Sightly, our campaigns are verified by sources such as Nielsen, comScore and MillwardBrown Digital.

It’s time for everyone to get mindful about mobile video performance. Zenith estimates that mobile video consumption will reach 33.4 minutes a day by 2018.

Learn more about how you can enhance the performance of your video ads.

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